SELF Journal – Make success inevitable – plan you next expedition


A 13-week planning, productivity, and positivity system for inevitable goal success. Undated. Start anytime.


The Success You Want Only Pages Away
They say ‘anything is possible’, but when life gets busy, it’s hard to move the needle on your goals. Overwhelm, decision fatigue, and lack of time keep you stuck in the weeds and spinning your wheels – unless you push back.

Backed by science and success psychology, the SELF Journal is your proven framework for inevitable success. Packed with tried-and-tested templates and tools, this powerful 13-week goals planner guides you to set, plan, and track progress towards your three biggest goals.

Use it to optimize your time, prioritize your workload, and make each day count towards your big thinking targets.

With a SELF Journal to keep you planned, productive, and accountable, your ambitious goals are as good as done. Get yours today and join thousands of high-achievers becoming their best self.

Quadruple your annual output
A 13-Week Roadmap is long achieve something significant and short enough to cut procrastination.

Make success inevitable
Success follows consistent daily action. Use the journal to instill high-performance rituals and practices that work.

Luxurious everyday carry
Filled with fountain pen friendly 100g white ivory paper. Hard cover 5.75″ x 8.5” in size.

Leverage multi-level planning
Divided into 3 distinct sections to help you mastermind your goals from a daily, weekly and monthly angle.

Achieve goals faster
Work smarter with proven tools that sharpen focus, eliminate decision fatigue, and cut through overwhelm.


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SELF Journal – Make success inevitable – plan you next expedition